I’m Roshan Jansz. Husband, hopeless romantic, and gentleman of the arts. Wedding photography, to be specific.

I want to live in a world where sacred moments are more than just a snap on a phone and a hashtag.

Where people find beauty and art in every day life.

Where stories are captured, and then given the care and treatment they deserve so that they can be enjoyed for many years to come.

I believe that every couple has a story worth showing to the world, or worth keeping beautifully preserved within the binds of a photo album.

Do you feel the same way? Stick around. 

You’ve probably arrived at this website because you’re looking for a wedding photographer in Melbourne who can candidly capture your special day juuuuuust right. Imagine all of your best moments, your best side, you best man, your best friends, and that moment before the bouquet finds The Chosen One, all artfully captured and displayed inside a beautiful wedding album.

You want these photos – essentially relics of one of The Most Important days of your life – to express the love, fun and craziness of the day. And you want to look good. That helps, too.

You need a wedding photographer who has the experience, talent and professionalism to create artwork from your Big Day.

You need a creative wedding photographer who understands that to you, your wedding is unique. After months and months – maybe longer – of planning, it’s a tiny miracle which deserves to be treated with the utmost care, creativity and professionalism.

This is where I come in.

About Me

I’ve been dabbling in the arts since I could draw my first dinosaur.

These days, I’ve put down the Crayola, and my camera is my creative outlet.

I picked up my first camera when I was 17, but I wasn’t always a creative professional.

After years spent working in the corporate world, my own wedding to my beautiful wife Natalie inspired me unlock my artistic flair – which I’d shelved to work a safe 9-5 job – and follow my passion.

I’m truly passionate about capturing moments, preserving events, savouring memories, and creating artwork out of raw, human emotion.

Creative years: 32

Professional experience: 3 years

Passion: limitless

I work with modern, style-savvy and loved-up couples looking for a Melbourne-based wedding photographer to document their wedding day.

The kind of brides and grooms that value creative photography that captures candid moments artfully and, appreciate high-quality, beautifully-shot images of their wedding day.

I believe that the best wedding photos are borne from a synchronicity between a photographer and the bride and groom, which is why establishing a personal connection is important before any big decisions are made. To ensure that all of my work is high quality and best value, I choose to work with couples whose values align with my own.

If this sounds like you, I invite you to get in touch to discover if we’re a perfect fit.

There’s a few ways we can connect:

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