Natural Wedding Photography for People Who Are Crazy About Each Other

A wedding photo is more than just a picture or a post on a timeline.

It’s a work of art with living, breathing subjects that are head over heels crazy for each other.
In fact, they’re so crazy, they’ve decided to throw a giant party, ask people for presents, and spend one riotous evening celebrating their love for another.
Who wouldn’t want that moment captured?

Hi! I’m Roshan Jansz, and I specialise in candid wedding photography that artfully preserves your special, crazy day.

I believe that each couple has a history and a love worth sharing. It’s written on their faces and in the way they interact, and it’s my job to creatively capture this so that they can enjoy natural wedding photography that they’re proud to own.
Are you looking for a professional, personable wedding photographer in Melbourne to give your story the treatment it deserves?
I’m a freelance wedding photographer who works with modern, sophisticated and fun couples who value creative, candid photography that’s full of emotion.
My goal is to act like a fly on the wall throughout your wedding day, so that I can provide you with natural, candid and creative wedding photography that highlights all the moving, beautiful and occasionally hilarious parts of the day.

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